Thursday, 24 September 2009

Clarrisa Page Kit and Bundle

I really love this kit of Boo's and you can get it as a whole bundle!

Here is a layout of my mom and I on my birthday. Kit is Clarrisa by BooLandDesigns. Font is CaslonNo540SwaD

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Update on Boo and her activities

First off let me say Boo is alive and feeling her OATS!!! She is back at Stone Accents Studio with a bang. She is hosting the Color Challenge again and here is the palette for this months kit. Pretty isn't it?

Here is her starter kit and you can find out how to get this beautiful mini-kit HERE and the posting bonus is really pretty too.
She has some new kits in the stores first up is WHAT BOYS DREAM and it can be found atSAS
DigiDesignResort and a very new store Digiridoo Scraps
Our Boo would never leave the girls out so she made WHEN GIRLS DREAM and it can be found at SAS

I will show you some layouts another day when Blogger is being a kinder, gentler, object. I can tell you this they are very interesting for sure.

So from Boo and Her Blossoms have a great day!


Friday, 3 April 2009

Quicky update on BOO

Well, let me tell you BOO is a very BUSY Lady and is keeping the Blossoms busy also.

She is working our fingers to the bone, helping get her newest projects off the ground. What are they, you might ask? Well I am not sure I can tell you but it has to do with some new product venues. I cannot tell you where YET but I can tell you that BoolandDesigns store is still going strong and she really does like for everyone to visit her there.

I know she has a few new kits coming out, have seen a couple of them and they are YUMMY, but then her kits always are, aren't they? You can expect some interesting new stores in her future for sure. Also I am almost positive there will be new Freebies.

Ok I had better go before I SPILL to many of the Beans...LOL Will try to keep everyone updated on what is going on.

Have a great Day from the Boo and her Blossoms,

Monday, 16 March 2009

Hold onto your HATS!!!! BOO IS BACK!!!!

Well she is almost totally back, has to get the PS to working again, but she just popped in and sent a couple of gifts for all of you faithfull readers (I know I should have been better about keeping everyone in the loop). Let's see which should I do first, the HUGE sale ad or the freebie?

Oh let's get the SALE out of the way first and BOY is it ever a great sale. If you ever wanted to stock up on BooLand Designs kits, now is the time to do it. Just look at this ad....... Now that you have seen the ad, you just need to rush over to Booland Designs' store to BUY.....BUY and buy somemore...LOL

and as a gift to the Faithful... she has this really cute FREEBIE on her blog

Be sure to let her know just how much she was missed, not only by the Blossoms but by you, the Scrapping Community....

So with a Happy Heart, The Boo's Blossoms and myself, wish you all a great St. Patty's Day.


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Another Mini Kit freebie

Here is the Posting bonus from the October Font Challenge at Booland Designs Challenge blog. DUE to a big mix up on our part and a Gallery that just didn't work correctly, we really didn't get to post the layouts that were submitted, sooooooo we thought we would just share the Posting Bonus with everyone.

Click on the preview or HERE to download. In case it asks for a password it is octfont

We still have a few more files that due to the names we are not sure what they are but we are working on that. Also there should be some new kits soon at SAS. They are trying to get the remaining Birthstone collection in the store. As soon as that happens I will let you all know.

From Lois and the rest of the Blossoms Have a good DAY!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dec SAS Color Challenge PB

That kit WILL be posted and yes I do have it, still trying to figure out exactly how to give it out. It is our plan to give all the PB's that Boo had provided to us for both SAS and BooLand Designs. Sometimes the file we get is not named the same as the name on the preview and we are having to look though MANY folders to find the right one. That is why the DSO Dec CC kit has now been posted both on Boo's blog and on the Blossom's blog, but better posted twice than not at all.

This has been a little confusing to the Blossoms, since we have no way to 'talk' to Boo, to know what her plans are fot the PBs. I do know she would want her fans to have have whatever is due them and we will try our hardest to get them online, but not all at once. I also think there will be some of the older PBs that I will post for those newer visitors to collect. AS you all know Boo does not know how to make a mini-kit so they would be a good addition to a scrappers Stash...LOL

Hey, but I didn't manage to mess up the links like I usually do....LOL

Check back in a couple of days and I will try to have the SAS Dec CC PB online. RIght now I have to go help my hubby with his eye that he just had surgery on.


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Gift from Boo herself, via me...LOL

I was looking though the kits we had gotten from Boo before the BIG CRASH and found her entry for KimB's Dec Color Challenge at DSO, which had never gotten posted to my knowledge. As you all know she has faithfully made a kit for that challenge since way back before she actually started selling her designs. So with KimB's permission I am posting it here as a FREEBIE from Boo. Who knows I just might find more of them hidden away on my External Hard Drive.
Ok so Christmas is over for 2008 but I would think you could use this for many different seasons.

The DOWNLOAD links are HERE and HERE if there is a password it is boo

I have certainly enjoyed reading all the comments that have been posted and I tell you for sure, they will bring a tear to Boo's eye once she is back online and can read them. Thank you all so much for caring about our Bosslady, Boo.

From Lois and the Rest of the Blossoms, ENJOY!!!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

UPDATE on Booland Designs and Boo herself

I know everyone has been wondering what is going on with Booland Designs, so here is what I know.

Boo's computer crashed big time and she doesn't have the funds to replace it right at this time. Along with that problem she is also have serious personal problems, and might be out of action for as much as 4 months. The store will remain open, with hopefully some new kits added from time to time IF and that is a BIG IF, she manages to get another computer sooner than she thinks she will be able to do it.

Please keep her in your prayers and do check with us from time to time for some freebies made by Boo's Blossoms. All we ask is remember Booland Designs and support her as much as possible and visit her store as often as you can.

To start off the freebies here is a Quick page I made for the newsletter using her kit Celestial


With our hopeful heart for Boo and her Problems,

Lois and the Blossoms