Sunday, 14 December 2008

Happy Past and Future Holidays...LOL

I must be the World's Worst Blogger, and that will be my New Year's Resolution to remember to blog at least once a week on this blog and my personal one also.

There have been so many ups and downs at Booland Designs, computers dying, gallery and forum rolling over and playing dead, but Boo and Her Blossoms have continued to create. Between computer failures Boo has created MANY new kits for the month of December. Today I want to highlight one of them, 'Santa's On His Way' and you can find it at SAS and in the Booland Designs Store.

four lo santa

Isn't it a Cutie? I liked it so much I have used it twice already and Christmas isn't even here yet....LOL

The first layout is called Traditions and was for one of ChrissyW's template challenges. Of course it is of my Family

Traditions sm

The second is All Mallory, showing off his Christmas Photos and is called Mallory, Christmas 2008. Along with Boo's Kit I used Andrea Gold's Free template 316. Everything on the layout is made using only the papers from the kit.

Mallory, Christmas 2008 sm

I'll be back later with some more previews of the new kits and layouts made by other Blossoms. Also you should make sure to check Boo's Blog for her new releases. By the way, there is a special blog for the Booland Challenges and you can find it here. Boo even set up a place where everyone can send their entries since our Gallery is having serious problems and has been taken down. You can pick up the Color Challenge kit there and you can also grab the font for the font challenge.

Well, I guess I had better close before I have to start making chapters of the post. So until next time, (and I promise it will be soon), Happy Scrapping from Boo and Her Blossoms.


PS!!!!!!!!!! Boo took part in both the CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD and the SAS CHRISTMAS CAROL trains. There certainly is a lot of beautiful work on both of those Trains.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Changes in BooLand

This come straight from the BooLand News!!!!!!

(if you haven't subscribed yet, you really should, you never know what nice surprises you will find there. You can subscribe on Boo's Blog)

We have had many problems with our gallery, from not being able to access some of the albums, to confusion with how to upload and find layouts. Boo has decided to change to a more user-friendly gallery layout, but the improvements come with a price. In order to switch to the new gallery, we will have to delete the old one, and all the layouts that have already been uploaded will be lost. We have tried to find a way around this, with no luck. We sincerely apologize for any inconvience and are certain that the new gallery will be worth the trouble of switching. Keep watch on Boo's blog for updates on the progress of our "construction", and for the time being do not upload any new layouts to the gallery. The new gallery should be up and running this week.

Another change is that once the new gallery is online, we will also have a forum! We will have all or challenges posted there, and lots of other fun stuff!

Remember the APPLE ORCHARD DAD is still going on, I know you will not want to miss a part of it. I promise another goodie later in the week and I'll bet there are other things lurking around, just waiting to pop up for you all.

Till then, Happy Scrapping from Boo and her Blossoms,


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Apple Orchard Extra Gift

I was in a very creative mood last night, which was totally the other extreme from the way I felt...LOL So I thought, why not make a couple of layouts using the wonderful DAD from Boo, (which you can pick up at her Store, just click on the link......) Apple Orchard After I finished the layouts, it was easy for me to just make them into Quick Pages so I can share them with you, so I did and here is a preview of the layouts. Of course they will look the same but you cannot have my Grandkids,,,,LOL,,,, so I removed the photos....
You can download here
BTW.... I used a CU template from Andrea Gold for QP1 and a very nice template from Michelle Filo for QP2. Everything else used is from the DAD's downloads, including the cute word art.
If anyone makes any layouts with the DAD Apple Orchard we certainly would love to see them. We do have an album set up at in the Gallery, but since we have had some problems with it, it is getting a make-over, not just the album, but the whole Gallery. It will be much easier to use when Boo and her Crew are finished. I also heard in the near future we should have our very own Forum. That will be so great, we can post our Challenges there and also get to know, all of you that join in the Blossom's fun. You can get your Daily dose of Apple Orchard in Boo's Store. I keep hearing that an Apple a day will keep the Doctor away, so you might as well give it a try....:)
Remember that we do have a FONT Challenge going on and Boo has made us a very nice Posting Bonus to give to all that post their layouts using the font. You can find more about it if you scroll down for the previous 2 posts.
As it rains on our Blue-roofed area, I must say good night and Happy Scrapping from Boo and the Blossoms.
PS we have 2 new Blossoms, Debbie and Selena, but more about them another post...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Update on font challenge

Remember to enter the font challenge at BooLandDesigns just download the free monthly font and make a layout using it! Post it in our contest gallery at BooLandDesigns by 10pm EDT on the last day of the month and I will reward you with a little pressie! Well look at the "little pressies" our Boo came up with! Isn't is beautiful!! so what are you waiting for??

See this post
for all the details.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Don't Forget about the Font challenge!!!

Here is my layout with Boo's Kit Paper Blitz and using the Dead Secretary Font
Crooked frame drawn by me. Template base by Scrapmous.

Post your layouts in the challenge gallery at BooLandDesigns and get a pressie from Boo at the end of the challenge!!!

DAD 5 and another kit preview

Couple of things right off. I understand there have been some problems with the downloads, but Boo and Michelle have corrected the ones they know about. Check the Stores Blog to get any directions you need. Also, besure to check out the Font Challenge, it is a couple of posts down, so just scroll until you find it. That font is really nice. Oh I just found out that I gave credit for one of the layouts to the wrong person, It was by Melinda not Michelle. At least the first name starts with the same letter...LOL

So you want to see DAD5, well here it is;

Today I am showing TIME WON"T WAIT

This stunning Butterfly album comes ready made with the gorgeous Time Won't Wait kit and fits the Maya Road Butterfly chipboard album. It has 6 Photo Pages 1 cover, 2 back covers and 4 journal pages. What a truly beautiful gift this would make.

Now for a Layout, and this time it is one of mine'

BoolandDesigns, Time Won't Wait, purescraps [v.vv] template 5, Old Script, Eye Candy Impact Glass

I have to go now and have a look-see at what my day has planned. So from Boo and her Blossoms, Happy Scrapping!!!!


Friday, 3 October 2008

DAD 4 and another new kit

It is now Day 4 of Boo's fantastic Apple Orchard . Remember they are in the STORE !
Are you enjoying what you have seen so far?

Today I want to introduce you to Tropicana. It is full of soft but bright colors, just perfect for that get-away to a scrapbook tropical Island.

Now Boo didn't forget to add Of course it comes with some very pretty Hibiscus shaped Brag Book pages.

Now here is a beautiful layout from our own Quick Page designer, Michelle.

Have you visited the BooLandDesign store? I know for a fact it is filled with beautiful kits at GRAND-OPENING prices. There are lots of kits and other items for your scrapping or designing needs. Everything is 25% off right now and oh my gosh, that is almost too good to pass up.... I just looked again and Boo has MEGA kits for 25% off also.

It is late here or maybe I should say early but it is time for me to say Goodnight from Boo and her Blossoms, or Good Morning for those who live in different time-zones.


DAD day 3 and preview of a new kit

Here it is day 3 of Boo's Fantastic DAD called Apple Orchard. You can find it in the store and Boo wanted me to remind everyone about this.

You may find that the preview does not show the same papers as those in this file. Please do not worry about this. All papers shown in the previews will be available in the DAD series. They just may have been mixed up a little. You will not get any repeats. Sorry for any inconvenience but we hope you'll understand this is a very big kit and takes a lot of organizing to divide into your DAD mini's. Thanks so much for your understanding.

All of the DAD's can be picked up at the store. They are under the category called Daily DOwnloads.

I also wanted to show you another of the NEW kits in the Store. It is called Twi-Light Garden, and here is what Boo had to say about it. "Another kit inspired by by favourite band The Cure and probably my all time favourite Cure Song. This and the fact that Twi-Light is probably my most favourite part of the day it was natural I should make something to reflect that so here it is....
Soft blends, shady corners and a hint of swirly sea mists and breeze-blown foliage make these papers perfect for any number of lo's and together with the truly precious elements this kit offers, you'll be spoilt for choice. You'll use this kit over and over again."

Also there is a companion for it. A Key Chain Album.

Now on to a beautiful layout by PDupre, one of Boo's Blossoms.

So as I close I wanted to remind everyone, when you are registered at the Store you can have the option to sign up for our Newsletter. It will be a fun option and a way to heard about all the Challenges and other doings that will be going on there.

From Boo and her Blossoms, Happy Scrapping and have a great day!


Thursday, 2 October 2008

Day 2 of the Apple Orchard Give-away

Well I just got the link for Day 2 so without more ado here is the preview and link to it at BoolandDesigns . Link DAD 2

Now for a peek at one of the Great new kits Vintage Dreams at BoolandDesigns . To Quote Boo "This truly beautiful kit was inspired by my sisters love of classical interiors and colors. Deep sumptious solors trimmed with a hint of gold leaf adorn the papers while the elements are full of charm and olde' world' elegance. Its the perfect kit for all those wonderfull old photos and are sure to help you make your treasure stand out and stay remembered for a long time to come. Alternatively use the kit to scrap your warm winter and late autumn photos. The deep colors are sure to show them off to their best advantage."

Also there is this stunning Brag Book was created using the Vintage Dreams Page Kit and fits the Maya Road 3" Accordian Brag Book Template. Its a perfect way to spoil someone with that unique gift.
Here is a beautiful layout made by our own Trudie/ScrapBrat. It is called Victorian Glamour and can be found in our Gallery.
So from a very tired Boo and her Blossoms, Happy Scrapping!!!!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

New Monthly Challenge!!!

Monthly Font challenge 10/3/08 – 10/31/08

Welcome to BooLandDesigns and our very first monthly challenge!!!! I’m Lynn aka Lynncal and I will be hosting this challenge. The rules are simple :) just download the free monthly font and make a layout using it! Pretty easy right? Post it in our contest gallery at BooLandDesigns by 10pm EDT on the last day of the month and I will reward you with a little pressie! Also remember IF you use BooLand product in your layout you should also enter it in the artist of the month gallery because you just may win a $20 gift certificate if your layout is chosen!!

So for our first month I’d like you to use a font called “Dead Secretary” (well it is Halloween soon hehehe) Here is what is looks like

and you can download it from here


Today is Oct 1st, and I promised Boo I would tell about her new adventure.

SHE HAS A NEW STORE, one of her own with a ton of new kits you haven't seen yet and now you want to know where it is, right? It is called BOOLANDDESIGNS and here is a look at our banner

Love the new colors and they are from one of the new kit's called Boo'Licious and it is on sale for 25% off, here is a preview of it and the companion Heart Brag Book and it is on sale also.

Now you know that Boo loves to make things to share and she has out done herself this time. For the next month she is giving away a fantastic kit, one day at a time. It is called APPLE ORCHARD and you can find it in the store. Each day she will be adding another part of it and it will be HUGE when you get it all downloaded with even some extras as usual.
There will be a new FAN of Boo Blinkie and be sure to grab one from the Store Blog
While you are checking things out, you will be very surprised at the number of new kits (117 I think it is) plus join her Gallery and check out all the fantastic layouts the Blossoms have made with the new kits. The Gallery will be an OPEN gallery and we even have a Product Enabler album so you can show off your designs or your CTs and post with a link to your products. Now how is that for being a friendly place to play?
I hope to remember to post a new kit preview and the Download of the Day, but if I forget, you can find it at BoolandDesigns.
So from a very tired Boo and her Blossoms, have a FUN time at the store and a Safe day.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Hi! Hello! Howdy!!!!

Hey ALL!

The Blossoms are still around and kicking. I just got a little sidetracked over the summer. Boo had PC problems and then went on holiday, and of course while the Cat's away, the Mice get lazy....LOL

OH YEAH! I almost forgot to tell you I KNOW A SECRET!!!! It has to do with BOO and I am not going to spill the beans but if you promise not to tell Boo I will show you a tiny sneak preview of what it is. 

teaser 1

Does that look interesting? Well you will have to wait until...........................................

But while you are waiting, you need to run over to Stone Accents Studio and grab all the Goodies from the Members Mega Kit. It is being created by some Designers and some like myself, those that just love to make pretties. You can find them here in the

SAS MEMBERS MEGA GALLERY . This is part of the Birthday Bash that is going on there and there are some really pretty things, Boo and also Lara of Lara's Digi World (one of the Blossoms) have files as do I and LynnCal. A little birdie told me there will be more from the Blossoms too. I just happened to make a couple of QPs to share since I have been so lazy all summer. I tried to use something from every one of the Blossom entries.

SAS mmk QPs by Boo's Blossom Lois preview

You can download it HERE 

It is time for all good Blossoms to close up for the night (at least those of us in the USA) so I will say Goodnight and Happy Scrapping from Boo and Her Blossoms......


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Hi all,
Just popping in to let you all know about my latest kit to hit DSO. Ambient moments is full of soft subtle blends and beautiful unique elements that are bound to have you drifiting off to the land of tranquility.

Pop on over to Boo's Blog to find out more about the kit and to hear all my news about DSO, CLD and SAS too. All of them have got super goodies going on and DSO have got a fantastic Grand Re-Opening Sale of 50% off EVERYTHING for today and tomorrow only.

Ok ladies, I'm leaving everything in the very capable and wonderful hands of my Blossoms while I'm away from Booland. Can't wait toget back and finally share our BIG secret with you all.

Meanwhile, please give a very warm welcome to our newest Blossom 'Amanda' who created the fantastic as lo for me above. We'll get to see lots more of Amanda when I get back.

Thanks everyone. See you all soon
Boo x

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


DSO is back, has a new name DigiScrapObsession and going strong, so strong they are having a Re-Opening sale and everything is 50% off and that includes Boo's kits. The sale goes on until the 12Th and it is the percent time to grab a couple of pretties to play with. That means each kit and/or the beautiful Heart Shaped Brag Book pages made with them are only, are you ready for this??? $2.25 Is that a deal or what?????

Here is a look at Boo's kits at DSO; (each preview is linked to the product in the store)

I have certainly missed all of you, but have been busy with vacation and some projects for Boo. She is still a little under the weather and so is her poor old computer, but both of them are taking a Holiday for awhile but I'll bet she will have something special for everyone when she returns around the 1st of August. Between now and then I'll try to make sure you know about the sales and such and show off some of the great layouts the Blossoms have been making with the new kits.
So I will say Happy Scrapping from Boo and her Blossoms,

Monday, 16 June 2008

A little something extra....

Hey everyone,

Boo has given us this cute QP to share with you all. It's the last in the series of freebies she she has been giving out to compliment her gorgeous Boo'Licious Kit which you can get at bothe DSO and now available at SAS. If you're real quick, you can still take advantage of the 25% off purchase price over at SAS but hurry, its for a limited time only. Check it out here and don't forget to grab the gorgeous Heart Shaped Brag Book while you're there, also on sale.

and heres your freebie..... have fun. Password is deliciousHugs from the Blossoms

Saturday, 14 June 2008

A Saturday update

  Sorry I haven't been taking care of business, but you all know how Summers can be,,,,LAZY.....LOL

I wanted to tell you all about Boo's newest venture. She is selling in a new store called and boy does she have some beautiful overlays there. From Dotty to Textiles, something for every taste. They look to me to be a must have if you have any interest in making your own papers. Here is a look at them


cubool04.jpg cubool06.jpg cubool05.jpg

cubool07.jpgcubool09.jpg cubool08.jpg cubool10.jpg

Aren't these beautiful? If I had the desire to be a designer I would just have to have them all. I can tell you Boo is very busy making new things but has been sick with that dreaded Hayfever (I didn't know that it happened in the UK, thought it was just a US thing) so it is slowing her down a bit.

A little birdie told me she has made some new freebies to be released soon and the Blossom's just might have some too. I think we are going to make some Alphas to match some of her latest kits, but not sure just who is making what....Yet.

I guess that is all from me for today, just spending a very lazy day at home, playing with some kits and reading, so I'll wish all a very pleasant Father's Day tomorrow and hopefully the rivers in Iowa will stop flooding those poor people out of their home.

Till next time, from Boo and her Blossoms, Happy Scrapping.