Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Have you seen this new Kit by Boo?

I told you that Boo has been really busy these past few weeks and she has made some beautiful new kits. She created some that are dedicated to her Sisters and Mother. Each kit is in the style of that person and are priced very nicely at $1.99 at both Color Line Designs and Stone Accents Studio . I thought it would be nice you read the description as Boo has written it for the stores.

"There is an elegance about my sister, Margarita. A classic style that favours the Victorian era and I'm sure she would fit in perfectly in that time frame. She's not old fashioned at all but she adores all those classy colours and styles so this little kit fits her to a tee.

Full of bygone elegance and charm with its rich Burgundy's and pearls as well as that touch of gold, you can't beat it for all of your heritage lo's but I think, with its powdery effects, its a perfect kit for most anything requiring that softer, classy look.

Kit contains 10 gorgeous papers and almost over 20 pretty elements. Hows that for a cool bargain."

Oh you say you want to see what I am talking about? Well here is the kit previews


Did you happen to notice the header for this post? It is a preview of the Alpha I made to share with you and you can get it by clicking on the image. The password is blossom

FYI---The alpha has both upper and lower case along with numbers, the ones with the little dots beneath them are the lower case ones.

I think you are going to see a few more goodies made by the Blossoms using these new kits in the future and there are quite a few to chose from, so be sure to give them a look see at either Color Line Designs or at Stone Accents Studio

That is all for now, will keep you up-to-date on the BIG Secret as soon as we can tell you all about it. It is really great and very much in Boo's wonderful STYLE....LOL

From Boo and her Blossoms, Happy Scrapping and Good Afternoon,


Sunday, 27 April 2008


If you do not see the Blossoms much in the next week or so, never fear we are around. Our fearless leader has us working on some new projects that we cannot tell you about YET!!!!

We are going to have some special goodies for all of you on National Scrapbooking Day May 3rd, but that isn't the BIG Secret. Nope I ain't a gonna spill the beans early, but I can tell you this, YOU ARE ALL GOING TO LOVE IT!!!!!! For the NSD you will probably have to visit several of our different blogs and you can find the links on the right side of the page. That way I do not have to do all the uploading....LOL Plus you get a chance to get to know us a little better.

As for the problem with posting comments on 4shared, the way around it is to just to put in the password again when it sends you back to that page. Of course you have to re-post your comment, but we so love to read them.

Oh and another thing, if you make a layout using one of Boo's freebie kits, you can send it to me and I'll be more than happy to post it on the blog. I'll bet Boo would love to see what all you are doing with her gifts.

We are so happy everyone is enjoying their prizes, Rusty and Michelle did a wonderful job creating them for you all.

Well that is all the news I have right now, so till next time, Happy Scrapping from Boo and her Blossoms,


Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Some NEWS about Boo

Well this week in the Stone Accents Studios' Newsletter (you can sign up for it on their site and is well worth the time to read, lots of goodies each issue) out very own Boo of BoolandDesigns is their Designer in the Spotlight:

Our designer in the spotlight is Boo, of BooLand Designs. Boo has been on a designing frenzy lately, introducing a whole line of new kits for our Bargain Bin. Already a steal at under $2, you can grab her latest kits for just $1.49, but only through Thursday.

In honor of Mother's Day, Boo has chosen her Mother Kit for her spotlight. You can get this classically elegant kit this week only for just $3.50. Plus it comes with it's very own surprise but you have to go look at the store to find out what that is....LOL

So in her honor and to let everyone see this wonderful kit she has made and has on sale for this week, I thought I would post about it tonight and also show you some of the layouts made with it by our own Blossoms. First the previews

Now some layouts made with the kit

Love of my Mother by Trudie
Tami by Erika

Autumn is a second spring by Diane

Aren't these all very pretty? Don't you just love the white space on the one just above? All different but all made with this kit, so it is not just for Mother's Day but also for all those other nice photos that are waiting for a home.

That is about all from here, so from Boo and Her Blossoms, Happy Scrapping and Good Evening,


Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Competition is officially closed

What fun this has been for the Blossoms and for our readers I hope. Each layout has been unique and amazing, there is some outstanding talent out there, ladies and now for the final entries.

From KrisG in Chicago on that one perfect day this Spring

And from Jean Ann of the Eastern Shore of Virginia
And also 2 layouts from JEANNE CONVIS, she forgot to tell me where she is from

This certainly has been a great deal of fun for me, met some new 'friends' and saw some old ones. There is a range of expertise from beginner to designers, but that is what makes digi-scrapping so much fun, everyone can do it and do it well. So Friends expect an email from the Blossoms soon with links to some very nice gifts.

I am a little sad the end has come, really enjoyed getting the emails and talking with each and everyone of you, but there is always next month and we'll just have to wait to see what that will bring, right? In the meantime you all should check out Boo's Blog to see what she has been up to. Let me tell you it is a LOT.

So from Boo and her Blossoms, we thank each and everyone for entering our little Competition and Happy Scrapping,


Wednesday, 16 April 2008

3 new Competiton layouts + an extra

Hey, Everyone,

Sorry I have been missing in action, didn't mean we weren't getting new layouts to post just means I was busy doing my own scrapping, babysitting and chasing critters. More about that later after you see the wonderful entries to be posted today.

From Candy aka scrapsofcandy of Maryland, Budding Spring

And from PatSanders_Hertfordshire, England, Spring in Hertfordshire, England

Last but not least, is Angie of HFD heishmanfarms designs, with her entry. I am going to name it Spring flowers

All of these entries have been wonderful, so many styles and ideas. You all have sent such great layouts and each is a winner in my book.

Now about my critters....LOL I live in a small town in SE Texas, 20,000+ folks, but is still kinda rural, with lots of vacant land around and it's share of local wildlife. Well, a family of Possums have taken up residents in my backyard, not that I really mind that too much. Drives the dog crazy when she can see the little ones but cannot catch them since they can climb a tree and she cannot. Well this past Sunday I was sitting enjoying the birdsong and reading my book, when I hear a strange noise in my breakfast room, upon checking it out, I found a baby Possum had come in through the open patio door. Took awhile but I rescued my house from it, and relocated it across the road on a vacant field. Monday I saw one in the backyard, so with camera in hand and small dog in front, I managed to get the photos I just had to scrap for the post tonight...LOL Kit is BoolandDesigns, Birthstone Series, May Emerald and you can find it at Stone Accents Studio. The template is by Beth Long and since I had wanted to try brackets this was perfect.

Hope you do not mind I break into the Competition to show off my Possum layout...LOL

I just wanted to say again for Boo and her Blossoms, thank you all for sending in your entries. We are certainly enjoying each and every one of them.

So from the Critter Lady and the rest of Boo's Blossoms, have a good night and Happy Scrapping.


Friday, 11 April 2008

'Nuther new Competition layout to show off

Spring sure has been slow in arriving at some places. Just got another layout, this one from Ontario Canada. It shows the poor little birdies shivering in the cold but I guess they thought since the calender said it was Spring they should come on back home.

Lynda sends us Spring Birds from Ontario

I am send some sunny thoughts to our readers in the parts of the World that are getting all the gloomy days and here in the States, the terrible storms that are destroying homes and lives.
Short post tonight, just got home from another wedding, and after chashing the BOY around for a couple of hours this MaMaw is tired.
So in closing Happy Scrapping and Sunny thoughts from Boo and her Blossoms.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Latest Competition Layout

Well, I have been on a mini-vacation from blogging I guess...LOL Actually I just didn't get around to it, so here is the latest entry in our Competition. By the way, in case you have lost the email address it is mailto:BoosBlossomsBlog@hotmail.com and for the requirements just scroll down a little and you will find both those and the link to the Spring Passion sampler

Tonight's entry comes to us from Mary in Alberta. Talk about a severe weather change, they sure had one up there (well it is up from where I am down here in Texas). I love the way she showed what a difference 3 days can make in Springtime weather. While she was dealing with snow, I was running around is shorts and enjoying being outside in the sunshine and admiring all the pretty flowers that are in bloom.

MARY- Spring in Alberta

I guess this goes to show us it really isn't Spring in all places YET....LOL

Well it is getting to be bedtime for this old woman, so I'll just say......

Happy Scrapping from Boo and Her Blossoms,


Friday, 4 April 2008

More Beautiful Entries

I am having so much fun!!! I get to open emails and NOT find spam, bad news or anything but beauty. What more could a Girl want??? LOL

The entries are coming in and from all over the globe. So far Ohio is ahead in entries but I am certain that will change. All of the entries are very well done, and the photos are so bright and cheery, makes me want to give the flowers a quick sniff, they all look so real.
So far today we got 4 more and they are all BEAUTIES!!!

TEREBENE sends this one Spring in Arlington (Arlington National Cemetery)

Melody AKA pebbles7195 shares Spring in Savannah

Livia from the Netherlands, shares Welcome Spring

Cindi aka Vanjo Designs shares another look (look at that the Koi is awake) at Spring in Ohio

I am so amazed at the different looks you all have gotten with this sampler and I can tell you that Boo and her Blossoms are really enjoying them all, but I have the best job, I get to see them first...LOL

There will not be an update tomorrow ( unless Boo or one of the other Blossoms sneaks in to say HELLO), we are going to a Family Reunion and will not be home until late. So I am going to visit with relatives, eat way too much and take a ton of pictures to scrap. SO while I am off having fun, I hope I get lots more entries so that I will have something to do on Sunday afternoon, while I rest from my fun filled day (and yes, I do find this computer stuff relaxing).

So until next time, Happy Scrapping from Boo and the Blossoms,


Thursday, 3 April 2008

WOW 2 entries already

Got up this morning and checked our mailbox at Hotmail, and guess what? We had 2 entries waiting for us, very pretty ones for sure. I am already loving these Springtime layouts.

One was from Deb in Missouri and the other from Tammy in Ohio, so hang on folks, Spring is actually trying to happen...LOL

DEB- Missouri Spring

TAMMY- Ohio Blooms

You know it is almost like Christmas when I get to open emails and find such lovely layouts in them. So I am waiting for all the rest to show up so I can showcase them here.

Happy Scrapping from Boo and her Blossoms!


Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Real quick EMAIL addy correction

I guess I really should proof read a little better and I would not make stupid mistakes. Here is the real BoosBlossomsBlog email address


I had forgotten that Blossoms was plural. I am so sorry for the confusion.

Glad to see that you all are checking us out.