Monday, 31 March 2008

Happy April First!!! and WELCOME

A Quick note from Boo re the email addy
ok, ladies, sorry about the email problem. we are looking into that for you. Meanwhile, email your lo's to me at
booboo6204 at hotmail dot co dot uk
(you know the drill right, lol) and I'll get them to the Blossoms. We' ll announce as soon as we get the email fixed for you.Can't wait to see those lo's.HugsBoo x

The time has come for the Competition to start. As I take a deep breath, and try to do a mental check to see if all our little Gifties are in a row, the T's crossed and the I's dotted, I so want this to be fun.

The requirements are as follows:

The BIGGEST requirement of ALL is to have fun and create. I know we have enjoyed working with the kits and I a certain you will have fun too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Layout must be made with the sample of Spring Passions that Boo has provided on her blog and The Sampler can be found HERE

1) We want to see what Spring looks like where you live. I realize it isn't Spring in all places, but whatever the season is that follows Winter is what we are looking for. It can be flowers, places, people, pets or anything that means Spring to you. Just use at least 2 photographs and tell us a little about your World, please.

2) You choose the size for your layout, it can be any of the standard sizes. For our purposes the preview needs to be 600x600 72dpi (just like you do for the galleries).

3) Templates are allowed. Just be sure to give credit to the designer.

4) All previews are to be emailed to us at
and please send them as attachments along with the credits and the name you would want to be shown on the Blog.

5) The prizes will be BragBook pages and Cdpages. Each entry will receive a thank you gift from Boo and the Blossoms for taking the time to come play with us.

6) Final day to enter your layout is April 21st and all prize links will be sent out by the end of the month.

7) All entries will be posted on the blog in the order we receive them, be sure to check it to see what all has been done. Of course there is no Adult material allowed.

Now to the fun stuff...

I'll bet you want to see what you will be getting. I personally want to thank Rusty and Michelle for all these lovely gifts. Michelle made the previews for us. Both of the Blossoms did a wonderful job and the rest of the Blossoms cheered them on.

The Thank you gift

The prizes in no particular order

Each visitor to our Blog is SPECIAL in every way, and we just wanted you to know how much we enjoy your comments and partipation. We thought this little Competition would be a fun way for you all to play with the Blossoms, and play we do....LOL
Goodnight and Happy Scrapping!
Lois and ALL the other Blossoms

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Just a little quicky note to answer a couple of comments

Ok I am not sure what season it is in many parts of the world, I think South of the Equator, it is going into what is Fall for us, am I right? So just do the layouts showing the season that follows your Winter. I actually had this discussion with my Hubby last night after I had made my post, and we decided it was just reversed in other parts of the World.

The idea is to see how it looks in your town/city/village after the Winter is gone...LOL I think all of us, long for the coming of the new plants, the baby birds and such, after the dreary weather of Winter has left us behind. I know I can hardly wait for the Wisteria and Amaryllis to pop open their buds, to see a mound of wonderful purple Wisteria and the varied colors of the Amaryllis, is my Spring Tonic.

As for it being a Competition instead of a Challenge, is so we can award more prizes...LOL We are hoping that we get more entries this way, more varity and such. I am not much into competing myself, but do challenges all the time, and Hubby says it is competing, so I guess either way works. Enter and you will get a goodie pack, be one of the ones picked and get more goodies. I will be showing the previews of all the pretty things the Blossoms made for you on Monday evening.

So till then,

Friday, 28 March 2008

IT will be HERE on April 1st

I am getting excited as I see the prizes coming in. Two of the Blossoms Rusty and Michelle, have created some of the prettiest Bragbook pages and CD pages, you will ever want to see. They were all created with BoolandDesign's SPRING PASSION, and they are so yummy, you are just going to drool when you see them on Tuesday morning. SO do not forget to run over to Boo's Blog and grab the sampler so you will have it on hand to create your layouts for the Competition.

This Competiton will have a theme. We want to see what Spring looks like where you live, but that is all I am telling now...LOL There will be a few more requirements, but this gives you time to snap a few pictures if you do not already have a stash. If I can get permission I'll show a little sneek peek of the prizes over the weekend.

No layout from me today, but I did snag a couple from the other Blossoms. These ladies show just how versatile Spring Passion is. It makes nice layouts for boys and horses, same as it does for the girls in our lives.

Easter Egg Hunt by dilynch99

My Mom's 1st Horse by jonesacr

Outstanding LOs, aren't they?

Well I think the basketball game is over so it is off to the TV room, so I'll be back over the weekend to give a few more deatils about the Competition.

Night all,


Tuesday, 25 March 2008

IT'S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 1st

I told you we were going to have a challenge, well it is actually a COMPETITION with some really nice prizes. We are still getting them all together so you will have to check back to see them. The rules will be posted later in the week, BUT, you will need the 'SPRING PASSION'
sampler to play along and you can get it from BOO'S BLOG

Just scroll down a few posts and you will find the link. It will probably be posted here soon, not sure about that one, but I do know the more entries we have the better you ALL will enjoy the competition. There is a new email address for us here at Boo'sBlossoms and that will be posted at the time I post all the rules.

We want everyone to have fun playing with us, so hopefully this will be one of your favorite Blogs and our games will help you get ideas for your own scrapping.

Till next time, have a wonderful day!


Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter, Everyone

Ok I am a slacker, like lots of other bloggers. Boo asked for someone to help with this blog and GUESS WHAT? I stepped across that line in the sand...LOL Then I promptly forgot to update the blog, silly me..
I have been trying to come up with a neat challenge for you all, (I was thinking something to do with Spring, of course) but was waiting for her new kits to hit the stores. I have seen a couple of them and let me tell you they are GREAT!!!!! It is more of the Birthstone kits and she has really outdone herself this time. I cannot show you a preview YET but will as soon as I get the ok from the BossLady...
Be sure to check out Boo's Blog you just never know what kind of goodies she will have for you. I know the 100 Days of Freebies is still going strong and if you scroll down a little way the page you can find a sampler for "Spring Passion" it is still active and the kit is on sale until the 27th of March at 25% off which makes it a real good deal

I am sure by now you have seen "SPRING PASSION" and love it as much as I do. Well the girls have been very busy making layouts with it and since they never seem to make it over here to share, I will for them. First a little preview of the kit and I am sure you will agree it is very special. You can find it at Stone Accents Studio

So here are a few of the layouts the Blossoms made with the kit. The first 2 used the beautiful Alpha included in the kit.
PRETTY ONE by Lynncal2

JUNE 2006 by likelara

Alana, Easter 2008 by ladye (that's me btw)

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Easter!


Friday, 14 March 2008

Another month half gone

Spring is coming, I just know it is.... I am so ready to take off to grab some more photos of flowers to scrap. When I cannot find anything else to play with that grabs my fancy, I turn to flowers and this month has had several times that for challenges flowers worked perfectly. Thought I would share a few with y'all and IF I can remember what challenge I made them for I'll tell you that also.

This was created using some of the freebies from the 100 Days and a template from Julie Cohen at SAS for her Template challenge. Flowers were grown by my Cousins and hopefully they will be in full bloom when we have the Family Reunion at their house on the Trinity River, so I can get more photos to scrap.
Now this one was done for KimB's Color Challenge at DSO, using Boo's kit she made for that challenge. I used one of Jaana Saker's Templates to showcase this terrible, stinging plant.

This one showcases one of Boo's older freebies and a template by TrishH Designs, Templates-n-More at DoItDigi and was created for her 2nd template challenge at DID for March. This Wisteria bush that is in my front yard, it is about 30/40 years old and used to stand like a tree but time and old age has caused it to sag, but it still blooms it's heart out every year.

Well this is enough for today. Be sure to share your LOs made with Boo's products, so we can share them and reward you for your time and effort.

Till next time,

This is Lois

Shhhhhh, This is Boo and I've got a BIG Surprise for my Blossoms, hehe, Tomorrow is the BIG Day. Hugs. xx

Thursday, 13 March 2008

You are all Winners

WOW, I don't know whats going on with my email box. I have over 2000 in there and I'm struggling to seperate your email addy's to send out your PB's

So, I don't want you girls to wait any longer. Its already been waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long so I'm popping the links for your PB's up here. Yes, I realise that means some folk will grab them without doing what you guys did to get them but its that or no PB and I don't want YOU to miss out on what you so rightly deserve. I hope thats ok with you guys.

I have to say, I am sooooooo impressed with you all for being so very very patient with me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

Thank you everyone who took part in these challenges. They are now closed.

As soon as we get a Dedictated Blog Blossom who will be responsible for sending our your PB's we will have another fab challenge and lots more goodies for you.

meanwhil, Please enjoy your PB's, finally lol

For those of you who sent in LO's from the Scrap Challenge. A Huge Thank you. Some of them have been posted here and we've visited them all. We LOVED them.

It was Way too hard for us to choose just one winner for this challenge as they were all so beautiful so you all get the Winners Prize.

Only those who submitted lo's, please email me for your pb at

I have the Winners Prize waiting for you.

Please make sure you put 'Blossoms Winners' in the subject line so I recognise the mail and grab it.

Thanks again everyone

Here are the links and passwords for your goodies

Blinkies password is blinkie
DeskTop password is desktop
Posting Bonus password is bonus

Hugs to you all
Boo and the Blossoms x

Monday, 3 March 2008

Posting Bonus Information

Hi everyone,
Wow, thanks Lois for keeping up with things. My pc has been playing up something awful so that along with a cold and lack of time has meant I've not got here to see who needs PB's sending out.

Ladies, could I ask a very big favour of you all?? Please forward your links to me personally so that I can send out your PB's. I've lost all track of who hasn't had theirs yet. I'd so appreciate it and as a special thank you, there may be a little extra in your return mail.

Email me at

Thanks all and keep your wonderful work coming, we LOVE it
Boo x