Thursday, 29 May 2008

2 Things to talk about today

First things first, I have been asking for layouts made with Boo's fantastic 100Days Freebies and we got another fabulous one from Pat Sanders in the UK. It shows her celebrating a milestone birthday with her hubby. I wonder if she dressed in those colors for the kit, or did the kit just happen to be perfect for her dress?????
Now on to the other thing I wanted to tell you about. BOO has her first kit up at DSO and it a beauty and not only is it new, it is on sale along with the very nice Heart shaped quick pages. If you want to see it in the store just click on any of the pictures.

I even linked the preview of these lovely pages.
I'll be showing off some of the pages we have been making for Boo using her newer things, as soon as they are in the stores. So do keep checking with us to see what else is in the works.
I am so glad Boo is with DSO , it is one of the first stores I found when I started Digi-scrapping and I found them to be very helpful. Bunny and her Girls are so much fun, Bunny and KimB keeps me in stitches. Now with Boo there also, I can tell you it will be lively for sure...LOL
Well that is all for tonight, just wanted to let everyone know for sure about Boo's newest venture and I am certain that you all join with the Blossoms in wishing her the best of luck.
So from Boo and her Blossoms, Happy Scrapping,

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Have you been over to Boo's Blog today? If not you really need to go there and in a hurry. She has a couple of special gifts for everyone AND for those that missed any of the days, she has opened them all back up so you can grab the ones you missed. For the links to the files go to Boo's Blog For day 100 she has given us the following;

Did you notice there were some beautiful QPs?

And the icing on the cake is the Grab Bag of 100 matching items

PASSWORD is 100freebies

It sure made me all warm and fuzzy feeling as I read the comments on each of the MANY downloads to celebrate DAY 100. I know how special Boo is and how much the Blossoms enjoy and admire her, but to see how much the rest of the scrapping world feels the same, well, it is overwhelming. So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for telling her how much she means to each of you.

Post before last I had asked for layouts you all had made using this gift kit, and have gotten only a couple to show off here, so how about it folks, want to share with the Blossoms and Boo too of course? Tonight's layout is from Mary, from Edmonton, Alberta and shows off her Bird Friends ( a Lady after my own heart).

Now about the BIG Secret, Boo only told you about half of it, but she threatened to take away my posting privileges if I told what the other half is, so I'll be good and now tell, YET....LOL Of course the part she did tell is very wonderful all by it's self, to get to work with those DORK DANCING ladies at DSO is very much an honor. I, for one, really look forward to seeing her there.

So from Boo and Her Blossoms, we hope you get many scrapping hours of pleasure out of this HUGE gift. Happy Scrapping to all,


Sunday, 18 May 2008

Another week gone.....

Well another week has passed right by me and I got very little done. I should be doing Spring Cleaning, since we are having company over the weekend, but cleaning is so YUKKY...LOL Our youngest son is coming home for Memorial Day weekend and for his brother's 39th birthday, and he is bringing his Lady Friend with him. So I will be having lots of fun visiting with them.

Last post I asked for layouts using the 100Days Freebies, and I got a real winner to show off here today. OK so Boo did show it off on her blog already but it is very nice and I think it should be shown as many times as possible. It was made by Nancy aka kathleena (as she is known around the NET). I just love layouts using flowers.

The flowers are perfect with this kit.

Well guess this one will have to be short since it is past my bedtime... You know how the older generation is, we have to have our sleep time. So in closing, Happy Scrapping from Boo and her Blossoms.


PS... Nothing new on the BIG SECRET as of yet, but I sure hope Boo tells it soon or I will just POP because I cannot tell you what it is....LOL

Friday, 16 May 2008

I had a LIGHTBULB moment

Well, maybe I didn't see a big old light bulb, but while visiting the Boss Lady's blog, I thought how nice it would be if those of you that have used her wonderful 100 Days Freebies to make layouts, would share them with me so I can post them here so she can see how pretty they are. Soooooo Why not send them to me at Boo' and I'll get them posted while we wait for the reveal of the BIG SECRET!

About the BIG SECRET, I have seen a little of it and you are gonna be lovin' the whole thing and soon, I think. That is one of the wonderful things about being on her Creative Team, we do get the first look at her new things. Hey she has to have something to show the rest of the world when she releases new kits, right? I can tell you this, IT IS BIG and all of you will really be surprised at what it is....TEE HEE Too bad she will not allow me to give hints, 'cause I sure would, being the kind of gal I am , you know...LOL

While we have been on vacation, I have been busy burning DVDs of my kits and pages, due to one of the CTs losing her external hard drive, I thought I had better get my good stuff all tucked away for safe keeping. I also have done some organizing of things so maybe I can find what I am looking for when I want it. Hey I even had a couple of days where I WANTED to clean closets, hubby thought I had lost my mind and then he realized that must mean I wanted to go shopping so I could fill it up again. So he wasn't near as happy as he was when I started that chore. I have been filling boxes with clothes I haven't worn in several years and passing them on to the Salvation Army Store, tried to give them to the local Women's Center but they didn't need them. So along with the other things I recycle, I do the same with clothes.

I have made a couple of layouts but nothing much in the scrapping mode for the past week or so, but I know we will be very busy just before the announcement of the BIG SECRET.

Well enough for tonight, remember to send me your layouts so I can show them off here.

Goodnight from Boo and her Blossoms, and happy scrapping to you all,


Friday, 9 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day.....

Yes, I know its early but I've given the Blossoms a little time off for good behaviour, lol.

Ok, ok, so I'm a big softie and my girls have families and deserve a little pampering too, don't ya think, so, I'm posting part two of our Mothers Day Kit for them today.

You can grab the Blossoms part of this kit here Password is always

and if you came here first, be sure to check out my blog for part 1 as well as the whole weekends 100 Freebies

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Hugs to all from me and the Blossoms xx

Friday, 2 May 2008

It is finally here, National Scrapbooking Day!!

All over the scrapping community I am seeing sales, challenges, contests and freebies. I know that Stone Accents Designs is having a sale, for sure you will find all of the BoolandDesigns for a remarkable 35% off for the 3rd and 4th of May. I told you we had some very nice things for your NSD gifts and here they come. All we ask in return is for you to leave us a little comment. You can either leave it on the blogs or on 4shared.
From Boo, you can find the links on Boo's Blog , so I think you will want to rush right over there and grab this up.
Password for her gift is gift The password for our gift is gift
*Here is the link Ladies or click the preview*
Oh WOW I cannot find the link, but I'll make sure it is here tomorrow first thing. Due to the time difference between Texas and the UK, I cannot talk to Boo till morning my time. So Please check back during the day on Saturday, and I'll have fixed this little problem.

Several of the Blossomsve made some veracy as made 10 beautiful Bracket Album Quick ges for you and you can find them on her blog, PhotosandPurls

Trudie AKA Scrapbrat, made this wonderful cluster and border for your scrapping pleasure. You can find it on her blog, Scrapbrats

Blossom Lynn AKA Lynncal made you a beautiful kit, and this you can get here, there are 2 downloads.

Elements Papers

Blossom Erika, has some Quick Pages and Alphas on her Blog, LarasdigWorld

Lastly comes my offering, it is a set of 2 Alphas made with Boo's Music Man kit. You can find it on my blog, Scrappin' With Ladye

I hope you find something that is very special to you during this fun occasion. I remember all the great blogs I visited last year, many of which have become cyberfriends, so before you leave each blog, please take the time to say thank you, it only takes a second and makes us feel so warm and fuzzy when we read the posts.

So from Boo and her Blossoms, have a wonderful time tomorrow, searching for all the goodies and Happy National Scrapbooking Day to each and everyone of you.